Essential Law School Admissions Advice

Mike Spivey is arguably the most prominent voice in the law school admissions consulting industry today. He runs the Spivey Consulting Group, and offers free admissions advice on the Spivey Consulting blog. Mike was kind enough to put together this quick video for the Lsatters community, and in it he offers invaluable suggestions for how to truly make your law school application stand out.

Logic Games Self Assessment Quiz

Assess Yourself: Logic Games

You’ve heard and decided to heed the advice that, because the LSAT is so important, you shouldn’t take it until you are ready to perform at your best. But, as test day approaches…


LSAT Questions By Type

This post offers sortable display tables, as well as a downloable PDF, that break down all Logical Reasoning problems and Logic Games from Official Exams 29 – 75…


Introducing Lsatters.com

Hello, and thank you for visiting Lsatters.com. Lsatters.com is a new online community for students, teachers, tutors, and everyone else who is obsessed with the Law School Admission Test…