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Hello, and thank you for visiting Lsatters.com. Lsatters.com is a new online community for students, teachers, tutors, and everyone else who is obsessed with the Law School Admission Test. My name is Mike Kim. I am the author of The LSAT Trainer, and I also co-created the curriculum for ManhattanLSAT. I have created and will oversee Lsatters.com.

YouTube video introducing the site.


Mission statement

My hope is that Lsatters develops into a community where people can come together—a place where students can exchange ideas and help one another and a place where experts can share their valuable insight. If we are successful in developing such a community, I believe that it will be of tremendous benefit to the wonderfully talented, often unsung, but incredibly valuable teachers and tutors of the LSAT community, and, more importantly, I believe that it will be of tremendous benefit to students who are determined to find the most honest and useful information they can about how to best prepare for the exam.


Information for students

The LSAT is the most important exam you are ever going to take, and it is very learnable. If you prepare for it in the right way, you can and should expect significant score improvement.

At the same time, it’s also true that the vast majority of students do not prepare for it in the right way, and the vast majority of LSAT test takers score far lower than they are capable of scoring.

Lsatters.com is here to help.

Here you can find free high-quality instruction, free prep resources, and the best forum community of LSAT students, teachers, and tutors to be found anywhere on the internet.

Here’s some more specific information about the resources available on this site. Please click on any title to go to that page.

Forums & Study Groups

You can use the forums to ask questions, browse responses, or answer questions posed by other students who are also preparing for the LSAT. You can also get help from professional teachers and tutors.

In addition, study groups provide you with an opportunity to meet up with others that might share common interests—for example, with those who are studying for the February exam, or those who are retaking the exam. Each study group has its own forum (which filters into the general forum), as well as many other resources.

Posts and Resources

Lsatters also includes a section of instructional posts and other free resources for students. This depository will be growing quickly so please check back regularly.

Here’s a sample of some of the post and resources available on Lsatters:

» All LSAT Questions Categorized By Type
» Design Your Own Study Schedule
» The Best Fee Study Tools

Anyone is free to post an article or a resource. For guidelines on how to do so, please see below.


Information for teachers and tutors

One of the primary reasons Lsatters was created was in order to provide a platform for top LSAT teachers and tutors from around the country to share their wisdom with the LSAT student community at large, and to help top teachers and tutors get discovered and recognized by the students who need them.

Teachers and tutors are welcome to get involved on Lsatters by submitting posts and participating in the forums.

If you would like to be listed as a tutor, please private message me or email me at mike@lsatters.com.


How to participate on the forums

Any user can post or respond. Please post questions in the appropriate forum.

The main forum has two sections: General Discussion and the Expert Help section. In addition, each study group has its own forum.

All users are free to post anything they would like about any subject they would like. However, the primary purpose of the forum is to help students improve at the LSAT, and the forum is meant to have a supportive, helpful, and positive culture. So, any comments that are not meant be of use to others, and that are hateful, hurtful, or otherwise unnecessarily rude, will not be tolerated. Any such comments will be deleted, and violators will be banned from the site.

Any prep companies (or anyone else for that matter) who try to manipulate the forums for their own purposes will also be banned. Please don’t test whether you can get something by me or not.


How to submit a post

All members of the Lsatters community—teachers, tutors, and students—are invited to submit articles and resources, and it is my hope that many of you will be motivated to do so.

Posts can be submitted in the following categories:

» General Prep – articles about how to study for the LSAT.
» Logical Reasoning – articles specifically related to Logical Reasoning prep.
» Logic Games – articles specifically related to Logic Games prep.
» Reading Comprehension – articles specifically related to Reading Comprehension prep.
» Personal Stories – articles written by students, teachers, or tutors who want to share their personal experiences with the LSAT.
» Admissions – articles about the overall law school admissions process.

Registered users will have the opportunity to comment and vote on posts, and posts that have the most likes will be highlighted throughout the site.

Posts can include videos, graphics, surveys, tables, and text. Basically, anything you see on anyone else’s post can be included in yours.

Any article or resource that is of high-quality and that can offer benefit to students will be posted on the site, under the following conditions:

1) The article is indeed useful and of high-quality.

If the article includes very little that is of practical use to others, or includes questionable advice or information, it will not be posted.

2) The article is not simply advertising in disguise.

It should be clear that the purpose of the article is to offer instruction or advice to the student reading it. If, instead, your article is being used as a means of promoting your company’s services, it will not be posted.

3) The article is not deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or intentionally hurtful.

Everyone ought to feel free to speak their minds, and very often the most interesting opinions are those that go against the status quo. Still, if what you have to say is meant to be of use to others, there will always be a polite way to say it.

So, for example, you can feel free to write an article about why study guides are not as helpful as some other learning resource, and I’ll post it, but I won’t post an article that lists all the reasons why all study guides suck.

Top 10 Reasons To Submit A Post

1. To share your insight.
2. To share your story.
3. To offer a unique perspective.
4. To grow your online reputation.
5. To promote your own business or site.
6. To earn money.*
7. To correct misconceptions.
8. To meet prospective tutoring clients.
9. Because you can’t keep it in.
10. To be of use to students everywhere.

*If your post includes a link to Amazon, a site for a learning product, or any other site that offers affiliate fees, all of the proceeds will go directly to you.

A Note About Duplicating Subject-Matter

You may find that someone else has already written about something that you want to write about. For example, you may want to write an article about timing strategies, but you notice that there is already an article posted about timing strategies. In these cases, you should absolutely feel free to submit your article as well. Students will likely appreciate hearing different perspectives on the same topic. Just make sure to give your post a unique title.

A Note About Duplicate Content

Unfortunately, we cannot post articles that are duplicated on other websites. However, you can feel free to post links to any articles that you have published elsewhere on the web.


That’s it! Thank you for reading and welcome to Lsatters.com. We hope you enjoy being a part of our community, and we look forward to having you! If you have further questions about the site, please contact me directly by emailing me at mike@lsatters.com.

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